Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Vail Experience

"Sir, sir!!!  I can't steer!"  Kaboom!!!  So, there I was, dressed oh-so stylishly, careening down a bunny
slope at Mach Five, when I inadvertently crashed head-on into the back of a Japanese tourist. Dressed in his impeccable ski suit, he got up, righted himself, and, mumbling angrily under his breath (in Japanese), skied away.  To my chagrin, the backdrop?  Colorado's gorgeous city of Vail. 

Clearly in this instance, the clothes did not make the (wo)man.  Lol..  I'll tell you, I clearly am no Shaun White or Spider Sabich, but there are spectacular amenities to enjoy in Colorado's gem....even for a slope neophyte like myself. 

Vail, Colorado is one of the most popular ski resorts among skiers and snowboarders alike.  Along with Aspen, Breckenridge, and Telluride, Vail is just a spectacular place. 

What I most enjoyed was the beautiful scenery.  Vail offered some of the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen.  There are breathtaking views of majestic trees, made even more magnificent by the beautiful snow lightly falling.  It truly is a sparkling winter wonderland.

As mentioned, I was new to ski culture at the time, and found it interesting that several restaurants didn't even open until after morning ski hours, or après ski.  It was as though Vail has been transplanted from some faraway, quaint European town, which lends to its undeniable charm.  They really do take their après ski serious!  There is so much to do.  Along with the several restaurants, there are upscale boutiques, chic art galleries, theaters, and bars upon bars of every type!  Some of the brunches we enjoyed featured wonderful French or Scandinavian fare. 

The ranges are vast!  There are ski runs of every type, from bunny to expert; there are even ski runs for children (maybe I would have fared better there, winks).  On our last day there, we were surprised to find another level at the resort we were at.  It featured a mountaintop iceskating rink!  It was so much fun, and the husband and I made a mental note that next time the kiddos needed to be along for the ride.

It goes without saying that Vail is a beautiful place, a wonderful winter wonderland, and if you've never gone, book a trip immediately!  We were fortunate enough to receive the trip as an incentive when we purchased our first new Volvo, so it was an unexpected excursion well worth it. 

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