Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Love NYC

I have always had an affinity for New York. A native Californian myself, it seemed like such a departure from where I was; so foreign. When I was young, I always imagined living in the city. Ah, the naïveté of youth!   I now know how incredibly expensive it would be to live there in the smallest of apartments.

On my first trip to New York, I was a young, doe-eyed nineteen year-old; and just taking it all in. I remember the bike messengers nearly clipping me as my husband and I walked from place to place, our little one in tow. The cab drivers, who do not stop on red (didn't we learn that in preschool?) aggressively shuttled from one place to another.   Street merchants, peddling their wares, went about their day nonchalantly; they were all so used to this. Our trip was in the dead of summer during July, and it was so humid I remember wanting to shower every five minutes.  Even my sundress, which was very lightweight, clung to me because of the moisture in the air. 

Fast forward eighteen years.  Our return to the city. The experience was quite different. The food.  The shopping. The shows!!  The art.  Again, I wistfully ached to live there.

What an amazing sky!

Here I am at The Met, thrilled to be in one of the most fabulous cities on planet.  Necklace and Cuff, Ralph Lauren. 

Pavilion, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

The Met is vast, there was so much to see. I was fortunate enough to see the exhibit Impossible Conversations.  The exhibit features clips from Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli edited together in such a way, it implies an actual conversation. It was cleverly executed, and I truly enjoyed the garments on display. 

My heart (and eyes) welled with emotion here. The Two Towers Memorial.

Just incredible. Our pic of The Freedom Tower.

Our view from The Boathouse Restaurant on Central Park.

Our stay in New York was a few days, so we went to quite a few restaurants.  Of those, I truly enjoyed Bar Americain. I loved the atmosphere, and the food was great. I love a great Moscato.  If you do as well, you would really enjoy the Moscato D'Asti La Spinetta "Bricco Quaglia." It was really incredible. 

Now, for some levity and frivolity. 

I shop online often via Neiman Marcus and its affiliates, Horchow and Bergdorf Goodman; so I was quite excited to visit Bergdorf's for the first time in person.  I won't go into too much detail, but I will say that I much better enjoyed my trip to the Bloomingdales. What I found incredible about this store is that it had six, (count them, six!) floors!  It certainly put the Bloomie's here in California to shame (sorry😊). I picked up some really adorable items for my kiddos there. 

On the subject of shopping, those of you who live in New York are so fortunate. I happened to stumble upon a great store, Century 21. I loved this store!  This store is practically brimming with fashionable finds, including designer. We need one here. If you build it, they will come. ;)

After taking in some of these incredible sights, we spent one of our evenings enjoying the story about Frankie Valli and his friends in the play Jersey Boys. I found this play extraordinarily entertaining. Not only was it amusing, the music was incredible as well. 

Yes, New York City is an incredible place. I can't wait for our next trip; we are waiting until my youngest is old enough to remember, and it will be with the whole family. ;)

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  1. We love NYC too and have been visiting more often lately. So much to see and do!

  2. I lived in NYC Brooklyn) most of my life, and moved last year to Colorado to be closer to my children and grandchildren that lived there.

    I ♥ NYC! It is the best city in the world!

  3. PS: mY blog was all about NYC for about 5 years so you might find things in my archives that will interest you to do on future trips!

    1. Thanks for the visit!! I will definitely check it out! ❤❤

  4. I've been to New York City twice for far too short a visit. I cannot wait to take my children there someday. They are old enough to remember it, so it's just a matter of it working its way to the top of the travel list. Although, I would probably end up doing much less shopping and museum browsing if the kids were along. That Century 21 sounds like quite a find.